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Tablehurst was once a free-range pig farm and so has a long history of keeping pigs. Today, the farm has a herd of 20 outdoor sows which produce the award winning pork for the shop. The sows are all home bred. Some are purebred Oxford Sandy and Black, while others are a cross of this breed with Large White or Duroc. We also have two boars, a Duroc and a Large White. These choices of breed are very important for the farm and have been arrived at through some years of careful deliberation. Factors that have to be taken into consideration include temperament (some breeds are just too aggressive to manage), suitability for outdoor rearing (some breeds are too sensitive to sunburn) and eating quality (some breeds have poor flavour or are just too fat).Tablehurst Farm Pigs The current plan is to focus on breeding sows that are a cross between Duroc and Oxford Sandy and Black.

The pigs spend the summer months outdoors and come in over winter, not because they suffer outdoors in winter, but because the fields become too wet and so the soil structure can easily be damaged by the foraging pigs. The fields that are used benefit a lot from all the manure they produce, and so we try and rotate the pigs around the arable rotation.